Seymour has established a creative community on Facebook. It isn’t limited to a specific topic, discipline, or city. It’s international and multifaceted. Seymour provides you with daily posts designed to inform, incite and inspire. Our posts fire up your guts, and motivate you to cultivate your own creative self-expression.


We cover a wide variety of topics, from philosophy to surfing, metaphysics to skateboarding, science, psychology, nature and of course, art, music and literature. There is a unifying thread that runs through all of our choices. You may not notice it at first, but it’s there and it supports our commitment to encouraging you to be true to yourself, follow your personal vision and explore your subconscious mind and imagination.


Seymour’s Facebook page is interactive, so it also provides you with a forum to freely & easily interact with other open minds from a wide variety of disciplines.


Many wonderful projects have stemmed from ‘crazy’ ideas scribbled on cocktail napkins.  We invite you to use our Facebook page as your cocktail napkin.


We hope you’ll let your imagination run wild and join our rebellious posse of philosophers, pilgrims and punks.


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