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+ our invitation
Technology and outside influences constantly invade your personal space.
They stifle your consciousness. They block your flow. 
Taking regular breaks to allow your mind to relax is vital to your mental health and well-being, yet you may not engage in this type of silent introspection as often as you’d like to. We hope to inspire you to make time for it every day.
Exploring and expressing your inner landscape with the help of the projects we offer will help you move past your conditioned thinking to engage with yourself and the world in a more open and balanced manner.
You can remain connected to your imagination and intuition.
You can know yourself.
You can consciously create your life. 
We invite you to explore your limitless possibilities.
+ our current projects
SEYMOUR+ is our 230m2 tech-free space consisting of five original environments designed to induce reflection. This ‘spa for your mind’ enables you to take a break from technology and other outside distractions to reconnect with yourself.
Seymour Events are our program of talks, sessions, and workshops. The subjects we address are diverse and seek to inspire and empower you in as many ways as possible. These events are headlined by guest speakers and offer an opportunity for discussion and interaction among members of the Seymour community.
Seymour Magazine is our online publication that introduces you to a fascinating selection of philosophers, pilgrims and punks who share their stories and shine a light on a diverse array of fields related to our mission. They help you see more.
Seymour Collabs are our pop-ups, products, and partnerships created in collaboration with a wide variety of inspiring individuals and organizations that share in our vision. These collabs enable us to add new dimensions to what we offer you and better connect with you beyond our own space in Paris.