A participatory proposition
We are currently inviting creatives to employ their preferred medium of expression to explore the many potential perspectives through which the 5 SEYMOUR+ space environments can be approached. The SEYMOUR+ space‘s open framework for exploration can be interpreted in a variety of different ways. Depending on one’s perspective and state of mind, the experience shifts, making it unique for all who visit.
If you would like to offer your own interpretation of what the SEYMOUR+ space means to you, please reach out to us at:
We will set up a time outside of public hours for you to have the space to yourself so that you may create your vision of SEYMOUR+ via the medium of your choice: photo, video, painting, drawing, etc. You’ll find some recent offerings below.
Via this project we hope to inspire your creativity and also underline the infinite variety of perspectives that can be offered by a single subject; in this case the SEYMOUR+ space. We hope this will help us all to always keep an open mind. You’ll also be giving Team Seymour a meaningful gift. We see you everyday, now we look forward to seeing how you see our space.
SEYMOUR+ Space as seen by Melissa Unger & Claire Glorieux

Sweep 2016
Shot by Claire Glorieux
Edited by Melissa Unger & Claire Glorieux
Text & VO by Melissa Unger
Seymour Projects |SEYMOUR+ founder Melissa Unger collaborated with videographer Claire Glorieux on this video that approaches the space via their perspective. This video was conceived, shot and edited in one morning. Melissa and Claire went with the flow and made gut cuts. They left it rough round the edges intentionally. To read the accompanying text/poem, please click here.
SEYMOUR+ Space as seen by Mathilde Guegan
Mathilde Guegan
Illustrator Mathilde Guégan, known for her character Loon, created this little illustrated booklet of the space, featuring the character discovering the space for the first time.
To see a short video clip of the inside of the booklet click:
Mathilde Guegan
SEYMOUR+ Space as seen by Carissa Tanton
Carissa Tanton
Illustrator Carissa Tanton, known for her graphic black & white works, created these wonderful drawings; memories of her time at the space.
SEYMOUR+ space as seen by Lolly C. & Kamingo
Photographer Kamingo teamed up with illustrator Lolly C. for this collab in which they blended their respective visions into a cohesive and augmented new whole. Illustrator Lolly C. reveals her inner universes through her drawings, superimposing, these parallel realities on what is considered the ‘real’ world. “Much like the SEYMOUR+ space, that itself reveals to each individual, their own singular perception of reality.” To see the second beautiful image they made, please click HERE
SEYMOUR+ space as seen by Junnon M. & Traveling Udju
Junnon M. brought her Traveling Udju character to the SEYMOUR+ space. The result is a playful peek at how an alien creature might observe our beings and our world. At SEYMOUR+ love prevails. To view the second beautiful image in her series, please click HERE