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+ team human campaign
Join our TEAM HUMAN campaign!
We invite you to help us ensure that humanity’s relationship with technology develops in a manner that will engage, encourage and enhance our consciousness – rather than restrict and inhibit it. We’re not suggesting that you abandon technology – in fact, we embrace it ourselves. We’d just like to remind people that technology is a tool, not a crutch.
That’s what Team Human is about – staying human by taking regular breaks from technology so that we may better nurture our connection to ourselves and to each other. Ask for your free TEAM HUMAN sticker at the SEYMOUR+ reception desk and help spread the word in your community.
#teamhuman #takeatechbreak #surfyourmind
Note from Melissa Unger – November 2016
Seymour’s TEAM HUMAN was originally conceived in 2015 as counterweight to tech overload; an invitation to remain human in a world increasingly dominated by technological distractions. These days, it seems more important than ever and takes on new a new layer of meaning beyond our non-profit organization’s specific mission. We hope you will consider it more broadly as a positive galvanizing mantra for equality and unity. Positive change begins with ourselves.
The Team Human Pledge:
I pledge to do my best to remain present in each moment. To propagate the notion of human unity, to spread love, inclusion and understanding in each and every one of my daily interactions.