Upcoming Projects:

A peek into Seymour’s future


Excerpt from a June 2012 interview with Seymour’s founder Melissa Unger for Institute 193.


‘Monastic’ Creative Residency


There are two projects that I’d like to get rolling soon. The first is a creative residency program in which participants would commit to creating work based on the exploration of their subconscious. Cut off from all electronic communication or outside influences for a set period (i.e.: a week or more) they would then have to create from that space. A kind of ‘automatic’ creating, like automatic writing but extended to all creative mediums. In this era of constant communication & information overload, opportunities for this type of quiet, contemplative creation are becoming increasingly rare. We’d like to provide a place for this sort of work, a sort of monastic creative residency if you will.


‘Collective Unconscious’ Art Project


The second project is more abstract and still in the nascent stages. At Seymour, we’re also fascinated by Jung’s ideas relating to the collective unconscious and Teilhard de Chardin’s Noosphere concept. The folks at Princeton University are working on a similar notion with their Global Consciousness Project. Anyway, I’d like to get Seymour on board with this sort of exploration and perhaps attempt to create a work of art based on images or ideas culled from the global collective unconscious. I’m currently exchanging ideas with two awesome collaborators and working to develop a project along those lines, but it will likely be for 2013 or later. We’ll be seeking funding for both projects soon.



If you are interested in funding the development of either of these projects, please contact us for more information at: contactseymour@gmail.com