melissa unger | creative consulting
An understanding of relationships that sheds light on or helps solve a problem.

Seymour Projects is a not for profit, project-based organization committed to nurturing human consciousness in a world increasingly dominated by technology.
As an extension of that mission, as a Creative Consultant, I encourage individuals and organizations to nurture their human potential by inviting them to ‘see more’ possibilities for themselves, their teams and their projects.
Seymour = see more.
As a natural intuitive I am quick and incisive. My vision extends 360 degrees around a person, concept, issue, problem or product which enables me to assist you in opening new avenues and/or add value to almost any project.
My style of consulting is: conversational, human-centered, socially-conscious, inspiring, thought-provoking, problem-solving, direct. Clients come away feeling energized, with new ideas, fresh perspectives & concrete immediately actionable solutions.
To get in touch:
Please tell me a bit about your project in the email. I only take on clients/projects for which I sense I can be truly effective. My rate depends on a number of variables and varies from project to project.
In case you landed on this page randomly, here’s a direct link to my bio.