Melissa Unger | Creative Companionship
In addition to my Seymour Projects work, I provide consulting services to individuals seeking clarity with their own creative projects. I am happy to share the experience I’ve gained from 30+ years of working internationally with world-renowned creatives across a wide variety of fields, convey my takeaways from a decade of socio-cultural research, as well as offer insights from building my own successful projects.
Clarity of out Chaos
Imagine me as a creative companion ~ I offer you a safe and nurturing haven to express yourself. I employ a psychosocial and transpersonal approach; as an intuitive, my vision extends 360 degrees around a person, concept, issue, project. My goal is to help you gain clarity so that you can move forward with confidence. I support your expansion by holding up a mirror and providing a space/time/framework you to reach your own truths.
Together we’ll:
+ untangle your ideas
+ ensure that your goals are in harmony with your authentic needs and desires
+ open new avenues of exploration
+ set you on a productive path
+ explore practices that will help you to remain centered and productive while respecting your natural rhythm.
My consulting style is conversational and direct; it is most suited to those ready to empower themselves to overcome their blocks and embrace their creative potential. It is my intention that you come away feeling energized, filled with fresh perspectives & actionable solutions.
Please begin by sending an email with a brief overview of your creative block or pending project:
If I intuit that I can be of service to you/your project, we’ll craft a session schedule. Sometimes a single session is sufficient, in other cases a series is more suitable. I offer my services via sliding scale. A sliding scale helps make sessions possible regardless of individual financial resources.
You’ll find the details of my professional journey: HERE