melissa unger | creative consulting
“My job is to awaken possibility in other people. If their eyes are shining I know I’m doing it. I have a definition of success and it’s not about wealth and fame and power, it’s about how many shining eyes I have around me.”
– Benjamin Zander, Conductor of The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra
In addition to my work on Seymour Projects, I also offer consulting services to individuals seeking support and encouragement with their own creative projects.
That quote by Benjamin Zander really speaks to me. After many years of exploring the creative landscape, building projects of my own, and gaining experience along the way, now in my 50’s, it is my great joy to share as much as I can. As a natural intuitive my vision extends 360 degrees around a person, concept, issue, project ~ which typically enables me to efficiently and effectively open new avenues of exploration. That said, I believe we never stop learning and that top/down mentoring styles are a thing of the past ~ We’ll work together to untangle your ideas and set you on a productive path, ensure that your goals are in harmony with your authentic needs and desires, and put in place practices that will help you to remain centered and productive.
It is my intention that you come away feeling energized, filled with new ideas, fresh perspectives & concrete immediately actionable solutions.
To get in touch:
Sessions are 90 minutes.
These sessions are adaptable to serve a wide diversity of client needs.
Session price is set on a sliding scale.