The SEYMOUR+ space at 41 Boulevard de Magenta in Paris was an ephemeral project (2014 – 2017). It is no longer open to visitors but we hope the myriad of connections and insights it afforded will ripple for many years to come.
When SEYMOUR+ space | A Spa For The Mind (conceived by Melissa Unger) opened its doors for the first time in late 2014, journalists expressed excitement at this project’s level of innovation by stating that: “a UFO has landed on Boulevard Magenta.” In the ensuing years, this first of its kind, technology-free space, with its 5 unique environments conceived to support introspection and reflection welcomed thousands of visitors. In addition to its primary function as a silent haven, the space also hosted workshops, talks and events on topics related to transpersonal psychology and psycho-social subjects. The space welcomed the general public, and also hosted a variety of groups, including: university students, women’s groups, corporate leaders, work teams, psychologists, business leaders, futurists, tech companies, philosophers. The SEYMOUR+ space was featured in countless press articles around the globe, it was the subject of graduate theses, special features, included in educational publications, and many Best of Paris guides.
SEYMOUR+ space was reported to have successfully helped people to nurture their mental health, reconnect with their imagination and intuition, move past their conditioned thinking and approach themselves and others with increased clarity, curiosity and compassion.
ps: To read the original description of the SEYMOUR+ space, click HERE
Our visitors also enjoyed myriad talks, workshops and events.
To all those in the Paris community and beyond, who embraced the SEYMOUR+ space so readily, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your energy and presence. After 3 extraordinary years, it was time for this particular project to evolve. We hope that each of you found the answers you were searching for within the walls of this multi-faceted space. It is our greatest hope that the collective consciousness of these myriad magnificent encounters will continue to create constructive ripples for many years to come.