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+ our perspective
Seeing the world becoming increasingly consumed by technology, our founder Melissa Unger was among the first to publicly sound the alarm and begin to openly discuss the potential impacts that smartphones and other tether-tech were having on our consciousness and mental health. While unlimited access to information has obvious benefits, it also keeps the mind perpetually locked in ‘active’ thought, stifling our consciousness and hampering our ability to access our intuition and imagination. These constant ‘intrusions’ impede periods of reflection, rest and restoration which are imperative to keeping a healthy mental balance. Our projects underscore that it is as important to nurture your consciousness and your mental health as it is to nurture your body and physical health.
Having a professional background in artistic fields, Melissa’s early Seymour Projects focused on offering opportunities for the general public to explore the therapeutic altered states of consciousness that often emerge during creative endeavors. Then in 2014, she imagined and produced the groundbreaking space: SEYMOUR+ A Spa For The Mind. By proposing a tangible antidote to the ever-present technology of our era, this project marked a giant leap forward in our mission. This unique, original space and the 5 environments/practices within it, helped the general public to experience first hand the many benefits of silence and reflection. To watch a short video of the SEYMOUR+ space, click HERE
Today, Melissa Unger works with other forward-thinkers to help shape a desirable, humane future. With Artificial Intelligence evolving at a rapid pace, and ‘the end of work’ looming on the horizon, Seymour Projects continues to create projects that inspire people to remain in tune to themselves so that they may craft conscious lives that are infused with meaning.
Seymour Projects has always been hard to categorize: health & well-being initiative, art project, research project, social activism, community movement; psychological, philosophical, counter-culture, conscious. We don’t care what you call it, we just hope that it will be of service to you.
+ our projects
Exploring and expressing your inner landscape with the help of the projects we offer will help you to move past your conditioned thinking to engage with yourself and the world in a more open and balanced manner. Technology and outside influences constantly invade your personal space. They stifle your consciousness. They block your flow. Taking regular breaks to allow your mind to relax is vital to your mental health and well-being, yet you likely don’t engage in this type of meaningful introspection as often as you’d like to. We hope to inspire you to make time for it every day, this type of practice can help you to gain confidence in yourself, to trust your instincts, to communicate better and reduce stress and anxiety. You can remain connected to your imagination and intuition. You can know yourself. You can consciously create your life. We invite you to explore your limitless possibilities.