morning watercolors
In January 2019 I began making a watercolor every morning. It’s an action that grew out of my previous morning practice of automatic writing. For many years I woke up with a million thoughts racing through my head, in an effort to release the tension I would externalize them onto paper. Eventually they evolved into the daily writing of positive affirmations. Now that I have thankfully found peace of mind, the energy runs clear, and a panoply of playful shapes and lines emerge daily through my watercolor practice.
I was born a sensitive. Very sensitive to sounds, smells, energies. This heightened sensitivity was often overwhelming. It made the world a challenging and draining place to navigate. For many years this led me to favor black and white. Those two neutral poles calmed my overstimulated mind and body. In a black and white world, decisions were clear, visual information was easy to process.
Over the years I have leaned to more successfully manage this sensitivity. I can now welcome the feeling of more complex sensations and emotions without feeling engulfed by them. As a result my capacity to accept intricacies in myself and other has also thankfully increased.
From this new perspective of release, of allowing; I can finally let go of my tendency to restrict and control. A new vitality has arisen within me. And a previously quashed geyser of multicolor has sprung forth.
No one has been more surprised than I by the vivid hues and layered nuances of these morning watercolors. Sometimes I step back and look at them and can’t believe they come from me. I imagine they emerge from a place without right, wrong, or censors of any kind; a place of safety and freedom.
I dedicate my morning watercolors to sensitives whose own mind is sometimes their foe. Take heart, with practice you can learn to transmute your gift into something that heals yourself and others.
A vibrant life awaits you.