Nada Surf x Reverb x Nalgene
Reusable Water Bottle

Available for purchase at all concert venues on the Nada Surf 2020 Tour
REVERB and NALGENE have created the #RockNRefill program to offer music fans an alternative to single-use bottles at concerts, festivals, and venues.
We are so pleased that NADA SURF offered their record album cover, featuring a watercolor by Melissa Unger, to support this great initiative.
Single-use plastic water bottles are one of the biggest sources of waste at live music events. REVERB brings the water stations and staff to run the program and NALGENE provides custom-made reusable bottles so fans can stay hydrated without having to purchase single-use bottles.
100 % of proceeds from the sale of this bottle will be donated to clean water charities. Since the program began in 2013, #RockNRefill has eliminated the use of over 3 Million single-use plastic bottles and raised over $2 Million for 100+ nonprofits.
The reusable water bottle featuring the Nada Surf Album Cover/Melissa Unger’s watercolor will be available at all venues during the Nada Surf 2020 Tour.