Project: What if? An open-ended thought experiment
This is a free participatory project open to everyone
Deadline for submissions: December 30th, 2016

Are you an open-minded explorer who likes to ask questions? Do you enjoy contemplating philosophical & metaphysical subjects? Do you have wild ideas that make your friends think you’re nuts? Would you like to write about these ideas? Well then, this new interactive Seymour project is for you.


With our “What if?” essay series, Seymour hopes to encourage everyone to embark on philosophical adventures more frequently and to regularly push past the boundaries of conventional thought.


We would be honored to publish a selection of your essays in the “What If?” section of Seymour Magazine.


We promise to feature as many as we can, but whether your essay is published or not, with this project, we hope to inspire you to go out on a theoretical limb more frequently, to explore your wildest thoughts and to exercise your right to imagine all possibilities.


How to participate:


1) The essay should address a philosophical or metaphysical question with the ultimate goal of expanding knowledge on that particular topic. Much like Science Fiction does, we would like these essays to expand on current theories or completely shift paradigms and offer new thinking in the chosen area. For example if you have a theory about why humans dream that would be cool to read about.  Or, if you have any theories about new and positive ways to utilize LSD and other psychoactive substances to safely enhance creativity & spirituality, we’d love to hear them.


2) Seymour is interested in exploring questions/theories related to humanity and existence, more specifically: the subconscious, the soul, consciousness, energy, quantum physics, time/space… and/or theories about parapsychology-related topics like telepathy, remote viewing, telekinesis.
3) The essay should simply be your personal thoughts, casually expressed, as if in a conversation.
4) All essays should begin and end with the question “What if?” ~ This ensures that the essays do not ‘preach’ a particular vision, but instead, pose an open-ended question and encourage dialogue.
5) The essay should be 1,000 words or less.

To submit an essay for consideration, please email it to: Please also include a few sentences about yourself. You will of course retain all the rights to your writing, we simply ask that you send us an original essay written specifically for the purpose of this project and that it has not yet been published elsewhere.


You can check out Seymour Magazine’s previous “What If?” submissions: here.


We encourage you to think as esoterically, openly and wildly as you want, this is an exercise in which every idea is a good one, and the impossible is possible.  Let’s kick out the jams, stir things up and help chart a course for new ways of thinking.



PS: Spread the word, this project is open to everyone- young, old and in-between. Have kids? Consider engaging them in this project. We’d love to read their ideas too.