Seymour at RESTIVAL
Project: Explore & Express Your Inner Landscape
November 14th- 20th, 2015
Sahara Desert, Morocco

[note: Due to the Terror Attacks that took place in Paris on November 13th, 2017, Melissa Unger was not able attend Restival. We leave this information on our site because we loved collaborating with Caroline Jones, and it is part of our history, despite the unexpected outcome.]
We are thrilled to have been invited to participate in the inaugural edition of RESTIVAL that will take place this November in the Sahara Desert, Morocco.
Seymour Projects is honoured to be a part of Restival’s program of like-minded individuals who share our commitment to retaining balance in an technology dominated world. Melissa Unger will be leading daily morning sessions that will encourage participants of this Saharan adventure to explore and express their inner landscape with the goal of helping them to reconnect with their imagination and intuition. The practices she will offer can be taken back to daily life and are useful for gaining confidence, trusting one’s instincts, communicating better and reducing stress and anxiety. To watch a video message from Melissa, click: HERE

Restival is an innovative fusion of retreat and festival sparked by the desire to switch off, step away from technology and re-connect with ourselves. Restival provides an opportunity to be in one of the most natural unspoiled places on earth. It is ideal for those who are looking for a digital detox, a break to inspire creativity, or simply for those who want to go into the end of 2015 to reflect and re-charge.
Restival’s home for five days will be situated amongst the sand dunes of the Sahara, a few hours drive in 4x4s over the Atlas Mountains from Marrakech. A wellness and creative hub that will help you find true inspiration, gain perspective and meet like-minded adventurous spirits, with the freedom to pull the plug on technology and express oneself with authenticity.
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For tickets and further information, please contact Restival directly.
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