Seymour Projects works with other forward-thinkers to help shape a desirable future. One in which we will not lose sight of the very essence of what makes us human. With Artificial Intelligence evolving at a rapid pace, and ‘the end of work’ fast approaching, Seymour Projects create projects that inspire people to remain in tune to themselves and others so that they may craft conscious lives that are infused with meaning.
Our founder Melissa Unger was among the first to begin to publicly discuss the potential impact that smartphones and other tether-tech were having on communities, consciousness and mental health. While unlimited access to information has obvious benefits, this overload also keeps the mind perpetually locked in ‘active’ thought, stifling consciousness and impeding connection to imagination and intuition.
Having a professional background in artistic fields, Melissa’s early ‘Seymour/see more’ projects focused on offering opportunities for the general public to explore the therapeutic altered states of consciousness that often emerge during creative endeavors. Then in 2014, she imagined and produced the groundbreaking space: SEYMOUR+ A Spa For The Mind which offered a tangible antidote to the ever-present technology of our era. This experiential framework, featuring 5 original environments/practices, helped the general public to experience first hand the many benefits of quietude, introspection and reflection.
+ built by philosophers, pilgrims & punks

In its early years, Seymour Projects, led by Melissa Unger, existed as a nomadic initiative supported by the pro-bono efforts of a dedicated group of individuals, who kindly and tireless donated their time and talent to the daily operations, evolution and growth of this small underground project. During this period, Seymour Projects communicated principally via a weekly online magazine and a series of ephemeral ‘pop up’ events in Paris and New York.
In 2014, thanks to a six-figure grant from a private philanthropist, Seymour Projects secured its official status as a non-profit organization under French fiscal law and opened a temporary base of operations located at 41 Boulevard de Magenta near the Canal St Martin in Paris. From 2014 – 2017 this location housed our offices and our SEYMOUR+ space. In August 2017, at the end of our 3 year lease, we decided to transcend that physical space in order to evolve once again.
These days, Melissa Unger lives in Brooklyn, New York where she collaborates with Team Seymour and other like-minded people, groups and organizations on a project-by-project basis. Together they endeavor to create innovative propositions that serve the public.
Seymour Projects | Champion of outcasts, marginal thinkers & iconoclasts