To celebrate and capture varied perspectives of the SEYMOUR+ space project before it closed at 41 boulevard de Magenta in Paris. During the Summer of 2017, we invited creatives from our community to employ their preferred medium of expression to imagine their own interpretation of the space itself. We invite you to discover their offerings below.
SEYMOUR+ Space as seen by Leslie McAllister

Multi-media artist Leslie McAllister created an exquisite, hand-drawn book of her experience at the space. Leslie then created a video exploration of the book itself, which you can view above. The narrative blends her own impressions with the space’s existing practices/environments, resulting in a poetic dance between her consciousness and that of Melissa Unger’s.
SEYMOUR+ Space as seen by Mathilde Guegan
Mathilde Guegan
Illustrator Mathilde Guégan, known for her character Loon, created this little illustrated booklet of the space, featuring the character discovering the space for the first time.
To see a short video clip of the inside of the booklet click:
Mathilde Guegan
SEYMOUR+ Space as seen by Carissa Tanton
Carissa Tanton
Illustrator Carissa Tanton, known for her graphic black & white works, created these wonderful drawings; memories of her time at the space.
SEYMOUR+ space as seen by Lolly C. & Kamingo
Photographer Kamingo teamed up with illustrator Lolly C. for this collab in which they blended their respective visions into a cohesive and augmented new whole. Illustrator Lolly C. reveals her inner universes through her drawings, superimposing, these parallel realities on what is considered the ‘real’ world. “Much like the SEYMOUR+ space, that itself reveals to each individual, their own singular perception of reality.” To see the second beautiful image they made, please click HERE
SEYMOUR+ space as seen by Junnon M. & Traveling Udju
Junnon M. brought her Traveling Udju character to the SEYMOUR+ space. The result is a playful peek at how an alien creature might observe our beings and our world. At SEYMOUR+ love prevails. To view the second beautiful image in her series, please click HERE
SEYMOUR+ space as seen by Ann Papoulis Adamovic
Ann Papoulis Adamovic, Creative Director of Iris Company made this drawing for Melissa as a reflection of her perception of the connection between Melissa’s own journey and this healing space. She perceives that the closing of the SEYMOUR+ space represents the completion of both a personal and conceptual circle.
SEYMOUR+ Space as seen by Alison Koehler & Yann Lagoutte
Artist Alison Koehler and photographer Yann Lagoutte teamed up to reveal the SEYMOUR+ space through a different prism. Alison’s specially created stained glass artwork took a magical trip around the space one evening. Historically, stained glass has been known to gently provoke visions and sometimes even altered states of consciousness; a fitting additional lens through which to view the space and oneself. The entire series is great, we had a hard time choosing which ones to feature. To discover them all, click HERE
And one more from Mathilde Guegan!
…. oh and to see a beautiful paper piece by Britt Berden, click HERE