Seymour at the Garner Arts Center

October 11th & 12th, 2014

Garner Arts Center

55 West Railroad Avenue

Garnerville, NY 10923
We are pleased to present the photos, description and results of our project created for the Garner Arts Center as a part of Artoberfest.

This year we gave our frequent creative collaborator Catherine Talese carte blanche; below you will find her description of the project she created.


Seymour proudly presents TETHER/TOGETHER


A project conceived and produced by Catherine Talese


We installed a row of pencils dangling from strings upon a wall mural. Some strings were as short as an inch others touched the floor. Was this mural to be contemplated or acted upon? In the context of an art fair we invited viewers to step up and create rather than just observe. We had a noisy gallery of people shoulder to shoulder excited by their own creativity and inspiring others to join in.


The sign at the entrance read as follows:


We connect through the Internet virtually every day; TETHER/TOGETHER invites you instead to connect on a public wall of collective expression. This wall mural at first appears to be comprised of vertical lines, but is actually a series of pencils that hang at the end of a string; each one offering you an unbroken line to your core creative source. When two ends of a line connect, they create a perfect circle. When two lines cross they create an intersection. Lines disrupt, lines entangle, we follow lines to new destinations, new dimensions, the process of doodling, writing, tracing, circling are active life affirming gestures.

TETHER/TOGETHER invites you to make your mark spontaneously, whimsically, thoughtfully or just to surprise yourself.
How far can your creativity take you while bound on a string? How far can your imagination stretch within this framework? Even seemingly tight constraints offer myriad possibilities. For instance, the word TOGETHER hides within it: TO GET HER, TETHER, ETHER…
TETHER/TOGETHER invites you to blur the line between your conscious choice and your subconscious source; grab a pencil… discover the creativity concealed within you. Enjoy!
Project conceived and produced by:  Catherine Talese, Allison Scott and Melissa Unger.


Special thanks to: Curator Jonathan Schorr for inviting us, Garner Arts Center President Robin Rosenberg & Executive Director James Tyler for hosting us, Frank Vitale, Susan Stava, Valerie Unger, Nan Talese.
Photos in slideshow at top of page by Catherine Talese