Some visitor testimonials from the SEYMOUR+ space (2014-2017)
When surveyed 98% of visitors/respondents said they would come back to the SEYMOUR+ space.
I love what you’re doing at SEYMOUR+. You’ve created a space ripe for intuitive alchemy; the frameworks quiet the mind, transport the soul and give us permission to be human and divine. Merci!
You have created a beautiful oasis on Blvd de Magenta en plus! I love it. Be back soon!
Definitely need more spaces like these in our society. Thanks a lot for the experience!
I don’t miss my machines here … not one bit.
Beautiful space. It allowed me to rest my busy mind. Can’t wait to show more people!
Thank you for making a place where we can congregate and be ourselves without being bombarded by technology, advertising, and banality. It’s much appreciated.
Awesome experience. It isn’t often I feel I can escape from the hustle and bustle within Paris but SEYMOUR+ is an awesome haven to relax, reflect and create.
Beauty is truth, truth is beauty. That is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know…thanks for showing us that this is still possible!
Lovely to have a break from the world. An excuse to slow down and recalibrate.
Great to find CALM in a world full of motion.
Good place to force me to slow down. Let my thoughts out, relief…
An unsurpassable experience. Impossible to put into words.
It was amazing. I feel at peace. I never want to check my phone again!
It’s relaxing, it gave my body and mind a chance to calm.
A beautiful idea, very well realized. To find this in the heart of a bustling city was a surprise. Thank you for the oasis of calm.
It’s the coolest high-vibe place I’ve been in – and I’ve been in many. Major aha! moments while basking in the positive energy here. Merci!
It did me a world of good. I cried, but that’s okay.
Helped me feel very at peace for the first time in a long time.