Celebrating the intersection of art & psychology

In collaboration with Art Barter

November 28, 2012


Galerie Christian Berst

3-5 Passage des Gravilliers

75003 Paris, France



We were pleased to present submissions from our mail-in project:


SURF YOUR MIND- A free participatory project open to everyone


The project was an open call for participants to explore their subconscious mind and creatively express the results of their journey.


Participants: Jay Batlle, Black Goat Revival Collective, Zoe Clayton, Cate Halpin, Kate Hiley, Dawn Hoskins, Ana Karkar, Charlotte Le Hardy, Chase Martin, Laurie Massé, Jill Mulleady, Mia Pfeifer, Caroline Scheyven, Sofia Silva, Rachel Stuart, Nadine Stich, Emma Strangwayes Booth, Alfredo Valle, Fiona Van Brabandt, David West.


To view each participant’s submission up close, click: HERE.

To learn more about the Surf Your Mind project, click: HERE.


In collaboration with Art Barter, we organized an event to celebrate the project and offer an opportunity to barter for a print by Eloise Van der Heyden. In contemplating this type of exchange: the trade of art for goods and services, rather than money-  the bidder was invited to explore their psychological reaction to the work and call into question their value system.


To see how the entire evening unfolded, please watch the video below:





Superhero thanks to: Christian Berst for kindly lending us his gallery space for the event. www.christianberst.com


Special thanks to: All of the Surf Your Mind project participants, and: Keran Masselin, Lauren Jones, Felix de Bousies, Guillaume Benaich, Emeline Loric, Emilia Petrarca, Emma Mattei, Inigo Martinez Moller, Victor Seguin & Chase Kunz for their generosity, enthusiasm and energy. This event would not have been possible without them.
This event was a collaboration between Melissa Unger, founder of Seymour and Alix Janta co-founder of Art Barter.


Event photographs featured in slideshow above by Emeline Loric and Maxence Gallot

Video shot by Victor Seguin. Edited by Rachel Stuart. Original score by Charla McCutcheon.