Seymour Projects is a not for profit, project-based organization. We come together as a team when necessary in service to our mission. That said, we do our best to answer all emails throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to get in touch. 
For press inquiries and general information:

Team Seymour
Melissa Unger
Founder & Creative Director
Gaela Fernandez-Florin
Development Consultant
Eric Sheckler
Graphic Design Advisor
Will Kitson
Seymour Magazine Managing Editor & SEYMOUR+ Space Manager
Nora Lalle
Project Coordinator
Lawrence Neil
Seymour Magazine Managing Editor & SEYMOUR+ Space Manager
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Extra special thanks to the following individuals who have been instrumental to our endeavors
Stéphane Saclier, Iñigo Martinez Moller, Keran Masselin, Tom Di Maria, Bruno Hadjadj, Catherine Talese, Samantha Hunt, Paula Veale.
+ photos on this website by:
Camille Malissen, Katie McNoulty, Catherine Talese, Brennan Cavanaugh, Nora Lalle, Emeline Loric