Seymour Projects is a collective comprised of a wide-ranging group of global collaborators. We come together as a team on a per-project basis. That said, we do our best to answer all emails throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to get in touch. 
For inquiries and general information:

Team Seymour
Melissa Unger
Founder & Creative Director
Corey Stevens
Partner | Corporate Social Responsibility Projects
2019 – current
Will Kitson
Seymour Magazine Managing Editor & SEYMOUR+ Space Manager
Nora Lalle
Project Coordinator
Lawrence Neil
Seymour Magazine Managing Editor & SEYMOUR+ Space Manager
Gaela Fernandez-Florin
Development Consultant
Iñigo Martinez Moller
Creative Coordinator
Eric Sheckler
Graphic Design & Brand Identity Advisor
Stéphane Saclier
Press Relations
India Hoffman
SEYMOUR+ space Intern
Emilia Petrarca
Production Intern
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+ extra special thanks to the following individuals who have been instrumental to our endeavors: Keran Masselin, Tom Di Maria, Bruno Hadjadj, Catherine Talese, Samantha Hunt, Paula Veale, Christian Berst, Vanessa Izerzer, Christophe Assadi and Valerie Unger.
† In loving memory of:
Jean-Yves Hans our beloved friend and ever-patient accountant.
Louis-Daniel De Segovia Gross our beloved friend and contributor.
Alex Duval Smith celebrated journalist and beloved friend who provided heart & hearth.
+ photos on this website by:
Camille Malissen, Katie McNoulty, Catherine Talese, Brennan Cavanaugh, Nora Lalle, Emeline Loric & Melissa Unger.