April 15th, 2014


SEYMOUR at Zelda Bar

6 Rue Bichat

75010 Paris, France

This was a small, casual social project.
When in a social setting people typically communicate through conversation. We thought it would be interesting to see what was going on in people’s subconscious while they were relaxing in a bar after work. So we provided pen, paper and let people express their inner landscape. In return we asked them for their mailing address and explained that their drawings/notes would be anonymously mailed to someone else who was at the bar that same night. The next day, we mailed each participant a randomly selected missive.
We noticed that people felt much more playful and relaxed with a pen and paper in hand. Bound by this common project, they connected more easily and playfully with each other. When leaving, they expressed excitement and anticipation of receiving the anonymous letter.
We were gratified to see that taking the time for even such simple self-expression had very beneficial results for all who took part.
To see what the drawings and messages looked like, click HERE