June 3rd 2017

10:30am – 12:30pm



41 Bd de Magenta

75010 Paris


Price: FREE
We are pleased to be able to offer you free access to this workshop.
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This workshop can accommodate a maximum of 20 participants.

Après plusieurs ateliers en français, cet atelier se déroulera en Anglais.

We are pleased to announce that Catharine Cary a.k.a la tagueuse élégante will be hosting a workshop at SEYMOUR+ on Saturday June 3rd from 10:30am to 12:30pm. Catharine will to lead you through selected parts of her UPSIDE DOWN PROTOCOL, which asks:  
How can we turn on it’s head everything we think we know, and provoke play by having a mind and body subtle and supple enough to always see the ‘upside down’ of things ? … And act in consequence.
After this workshop, your vision will change, you will be inspired to reconsider the prism through which you look at yourself and this world.
Catharine Cary is an artist and resident disruptor.  She trained as a diplomat at Georgetown University, and before throwing it all over to become a painter and performance artist, she ran big complicated urban projects in New York City including the building of the New Amsterdam Theatre on Times Square and facilitating the community based planning process called Bronx Center. In addition to her worldwide performance practice and poetic design intervention in interior design projects, Catharine consults to companies and individuals by turning their ideas ‘upside down’ in order to elucidate clarity in projects and find reason in the story.