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+ privatizing the space
The SEYMOUR+ space can be reserved for a private session.
When you privatize the SEYMOUR+ experience for your group you are able to engage with the space and its 5 environments in a more personalized manner. We offer a variety of different options tailored to your needs. We meet with each group leader in advance of their private session in order to determine their goals and we then modulate and craft the experience accordingly.
Since its inception, the SEYMOUR+ space has welcomed a variety of groups for private sessions, including: university students, women’s groups, corporate leaders, work teams, groups of friends, psychologists with their clients, and many more. The space is an infinitely versatile framework adaptable to suit the needs and goals of individuals of all ages and occupations.
All privatizations include:
+ An introduction to the space with suggestions on how to maximize your
+ Time to independently explore and experience the space’s 5 environments.
+ A post-experience question and answer session about the SEYMOUR+ space and the
principles behind each of the 5 environments, including suggestions on how to
integrate the experience and its benefits into the workplace and daily life.
In addition to the basic privatization experience described above, Melissa Unger also offers her services to lead group discussions on topics linked to the Seymour Projects mission. These talks can be crafted to directly addresses your group’s specific, pre-set goals or predetermined theme.
Melissa regularly guides individuals and groups with the intent to help them:
+ Regularly disconnect from technology and external distractions in order to focus more effectively.
+ Tap into their subconscious to access previously unarticulated emotions and ideas.
+ Express themselves more creatively and communicate more authentically.
+ Allow their thoughts and imagination to flow in order to brainstorm more effectively.
+ Engage in self-exploration and grounding exercises that help to reduce stress.
+ hours available for privatization
Monday 9am-7pm
Tuesday-Saturday 9am-11:30am
+ rates
We look forward to discussing your needs and working together on a proposition that best fits your group. Please contact us at: contact@seymourprojects.com