We are happy to offer you Hic et Nunc (Here & Now) a short handbook recently written by our founder Melissa Unger. It was inspired by her experience making daily Morning Watercolors (2019-2021)
We hope it will encourage you to embark on an intuitive creative journey.
The PDF version, formatted like a traditional document, is available for free download here.
The booklet-formatted version is available here
Important note: When the pages in this booklet-formatted version come off the printer they are not meant to be read in that order. They need to be folded and nested in booklet-form in order to be chronological. Click here & here to see how.
The handbook is free, that said should you feel inspired to make a donation for Melissa’s time and creative contribution, you can Venmo her at @Unger_xx or at her PayPal. No amount is too small. Or you can just energetically send some good vibes. All loving intentions are always appreciated.
ps: Melissa also printed 20 copies of the handbook and placed them in various ‘secret’ locations around NYC. Keep your eyes peeled and if you see one, pick it up or pay it forward.