Seymour Projects/Melissa Unger x Jill Lindsey
A tool to help you get out of your head and into your heart.

Card deck in a portable vegan leather case featuring watercolor paintings by Melissa Unger.
Each deck has 30 cards
Case available in 2 color options:
Black, Gold.
Please note: watercolor images/card decks are different in black vs. gold cases. Get both 🙂
Price: $46
Purchase: Currently unavailable (check back soon!)
We are so happy to have collaborated with Jill Lindsey to create OR-IMAGERY FOR INFINITE FEELING, an invitation to get out of your head and into your heart.
OR is a very special card deck. The watercolors made by our founder Melissa Unger are full of pure energy. OR is also infused with Jill’s unique brand of magic. Anyone who has been to the Jill Lindsey shop and participated in her community knows how profoundly she radiates.
Small enough to carry every day, everywhere, OR-IMAGERY FOR INFINITE FEELING is a new way to connect with self, friends, family, strangers.
The cards are visual prompts that can calm the mind and support the playful exploration of limitless experience. Each time you connect with this deck you will sense more and notice more. The technological dominance of our era has pushed us into our heads. The pandemic has left many of us with lots of unprocessed emotions. We hope that you will reach for it instead of or at least as often as you reach for your phone. OR has no rules. How and when you use these cards is up to you. The possibilities are infinite.
Made with love in Brooklyn, NY | 2023
This project was conceived and created by Melissa Unger & Jill Lindsey.
Watercolors painted by Melissa Unger.
Card cases crafted in Brooklyn using cruelty free materials.
Jill and Melissa are passionate about cultivating community and connection.
This project is an opportunity for them to unite in their optimism.
About Jill Lindsey and her community space
Jill Lindsey operated her namesake Fort Greene Brooklyn department store JILL LINDSEY for a decade 2014-2024. It included her own products, brands she knew and loved, and a café and wellness center that played host to near-daily events. The store itself acted as a community hub. Each item, event, and brand that Jill curated was chosen carefully to reflect the positive and generous ethos of Jill herself. Jill holds a degree in Psychology and has a background in fashion and design.
Seymour Projects Founder, Melissa Unger tells the story behind this collab:
Jill and I were introduced by our mutual friend the film producer Pamela Hirsch. Pam, being very intuitive immediately recognized a kinship between Jill and I. Indeed she was right, though Jill and I are a decade apart in age and have different professional backgrounds, we instantly understood each other through our passions. We both find purpose in expanding our own consciousness and creating projects that support authentic connection to self and others.
We embarked on the conception of OR-IMAGERY FOR INFINITE FEELING during the pandemic; it was a period of change and tension for all. Our project advanced slowly as we juggled all of our other commitments. During the journey, Jill and I got to know each other deeply as women; sharing our ups and downs and most importantly holding space for each other to evolve and grow. OR-IMAGERY FOR INFINITE FEELING became a framework through which we could find our way forward in our own lives. In some way, the project itself became both a haven and a guide. It held us as we imagined our next steps and opened us to allowing a panoply of felt experience to flow through us without fear. As advertised, it certainly dropped us from our heads into our hearts. We very much hope it will do the same for you.