Philosophers Pilgrims Punks- An Invitation to Imagination

First Edition of 150 – SOLD OUT
Second Edition of 150 – AVAILABLE

21cm x 14cm

black & white

86 pages

Price: 10 euros


This compendium features a selection of brain bombs, images, texts, interviews, and secrets compiled to provide you with a glimpse into the collective mind that is Seymour Projects as it exists at the close of 2013.
We hope that this book pushes you forward, encourages you to tap into your imagination and to explore the fantastic depths of your mind so that you can uncover your unique spark.
A great gift to introduce a friend to Seymour’s philosophy or as a keepsake for those of you who have been following us for a while.
You don’t have to be ‘artistic’ to enjoy it. Connecting with one’s innate creative power is accessible to everyone. Harness it to impact the world. Beethoven used music. Einstein used equations. Picasso used paint. What will you use?

Jan Baracz

Holly Bass

Brennan Cavanaugh

Sépànd Danesh

Valerie Gross

Tom & James Hancock

Ruth Irving

Will Kitson

Stephen Mangion

Catherine Talese

Special thanks to: The McGiffin-Veale Family & Christian Berst for their generous donations which made the publication of this book possible.