Seymour Projects x MESSAGE
Workshop Series


Melissa Unger/Seymour Projects has partnered with Janette Spalter Vidal-Naquet to offer a series of free lunch time workshops to the MESSAGE community.
This 3 part workshop offered from January – March 2016 will be led my Melissa Unger and focus on practical tips for reconnecting to one’s imagination and intuition in an increasingly hectic world. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with the SEYMOUR+ space as well as exchange personal experiences that will result in clearer direction, centered awareness, increased creativity and a more satisfying work/life balance.
MESSAGE is a full service parenting resource for English speaking parents and parents-to-be living in and around Paris. MESSAGE includes members who speak English from every corner of the globe and all walks of life.
With well over 1,800 members, MESSAGE provides a social and support network to expectant women, new mothers, fathers, and families with children of all ages. They do this through a wide variety of parenting resources including dozens of monthly activities and events, practical advice and useful information.
MESSAGE is an entirely volunteer-run, independent, non-profit association.
More info:
These private by inscription only workshops will take place at the SEYMOUR+ space located at 41 Boulevard de Magenta in Paris.
If you would like to organize a similar type of workshop for your non-profit group please email Nora Lalle at: