Seymour x Dante & Maria | Collab # 2
Handmade Necklace
Sterling silver
Limited Edition of 20
70 €
Each item is handmade so the rendering varies slightly.
Approx. chain length 42cm | HUMAN word size approx. 3 1/2cm
Created upon demand, please allow for 2 weeks from order time.
We are pleased to announce our second collaboration with Agnès Sinelle from Dante & Maria.
An ode to humanity in a world increasingly engulfed by AI and technology.
After their successful first collab – a copper/silver Surf Your Mind necklace – created in 2014 – Agnès and Melissa Unger wanted to collaborate again on the production of an uncomplicated item that encompassed both of their philosophies. The result is this simple but powerful necklace, hand made by Agnès, bearing to word HUMAN, in reference to Seymour’s  Team Human campaign and Dante & Maria’s humanist tradition of creating handcrafted items.
Agnès opened her jewellery shop and exhibition space located near the Canal Saint Martin in 2008.  Since then, Dante & Maria, named after her grand parents, has become a well-loved destination for locals and tourists alike.