Community Group
Melissa Unger/Seymour Projects collaborated with Jean-Georges Etter, François de Witt and Beatrix Délic to research and explore subjects related to the The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) mission.
Together they explored innovative ways to assist the general public in shifting their core metaphysical assumptions underlying the current dominant model of reality. They also sought to introduce the public to the notion of extended human capacities and endeavored to provide them with opportunities to facilitate the discovery and exploration of their own individual intuitive abilities.
By helping to disseminate the IONS message to their respective communities their aim was to encourage open-minded explorations of consciousness with the specific goal of propagating a new and expanded view of life in which objective and subjective are better understood as equal aspects of the human experience. By helping to erase the boundaries between science and spirituality, noetic science helps to ignite increased energy and creativity in all individuals. We are so much more than we currently realize.
The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1973 by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell. During his voyage back to Earth, Mitchell experienced a profound sense of universal connectedness which led him to conclude that reality is more complex, subtle, and mysterious than conventional science had led him to believe. He founded IONS in the hopes that a deeper understanding of consciousness (inner space) could lead to a new and expanded understanding of reality that would ultimately be of great benefit to humanity and the plight of our planet.
no•et•ic: From the Greek noēsis / noētikos, meaning inner wisdom, direct knowing, or subjective understanding.
no•et•ic sci•ences: A multidisciplinary field that brings objective scientific tools and techniques together with subjective inner knowing to study the full range of human experiences.
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