Seymour x Society 6
Limited run – SOLD OUT
We’re often asked for the text that hung on the wall in the last room of the SEYMOUR+ space in Paris, so we are happy to offer it printed on notebooks. It is our hope that it will be even more useful to you in this format.
As evidenced by the long tradition of diaries, letters and automatic writing, pausing to air out stagnant mental patterns and processing stuck emotions is very beneficial. We hope this notebook will offer you a safe place to do so without editing or censoring yourself.
Stop acting busy and hiding from yourself
Slow down
Strip down
Get clean
Face front
Open your eyes
Close your eyes
Look deep
Sweep everywhere inside you
Including the darkest corners
They’re the hardest to purify
But the most important to reach
Scary sometimes, indeed
But worth it
Beyond the treacherous jungle of your unexplored psyche
Awaits a clearing
It’s light and clean there
Go forth, Philosopher
Pilgrim, you