Workshop: Il faut Cultiver son Jardin
Exploring your Inner Garden with Creative Visualisation
Saturday April 22nd, 2017
10am – 12pm

41 Bd de Magenta

75010 Paris

Price: We are pleased to be able to offer you free access to this workshop.
+ This workshop can accommodate 10 participants.
To register, please send an email to contact@seymourprojects.com
+ Merci de noter: Cet atelier se déroulera en Anglais.
We are pleased to announce that Tamara Singh will be hosting a workshop at SEYMOUR+ on Saturday April 22, 2017 from 10am-12pm.
Horticultural Therapist, fibre Arts practitioner, floral installation designer and retired anthropology academic, Tamara comes to us from the NYU Langone Rusk Rehabilitation Center where she worked as a Horticultural Therapist in a clinical setting offering rehabilitation to a neuro-diverse population. Tamara is the founder of Nature the Arts Within – Explorative Nature based workshops that help you disconnect from the grid and reengage perceptual awareness. For more info: hortustherapy.com
Horticultural therapy, like Art Therapy, uses a mediated approach to support growth and self-actualisation. It is the meaningful, versatile and creative use of plants, plant related activities and gardens or gardening to promote well-being.
In this workshop, Tamara will revisit the 5 SEYMOUR+ environments from her botanically infused perspective, inviting you to wander through YOUR inner gardens. This interactive hands-on workshop will suggest ways in which you can engage your senses and your imagination to explore the unique qualities of your hortus(latin garden enclosure). Take notice, (re)create, (re)discover: Treasures expressing vitality, resilience and life-force may be found hiding there, in your secret garden.

Please avoid all strong scents and perfumes.
*Cet atelier animé par Tamara Singh, praticienne en Hortitherapie, Arts et Design végétale se veut l’occasion de (re)découvrir SEYMOUR+ à travers un parcours sensoriel afin d’explorer votre jardin intérieur. Faisant le détour par vos perceptions et l’écologie corporelle, vous allez être invités à convoquer l’imaginaire. L’atelier se déroulera en Anglais.