Workshop: The Botanical World – Sensory awareness, a port of entry into self awareness
Saturday April 9th, 2016
10am – 11:30am
41 Bd de Magenta

75010 Paris

Price: We are pleased to be able to offer you free access to this workshop.
+ This workshop can accommodate 10 participants.
To register, please send an email to nora@seymourprojects.com
+ This workshop will take place in English.
Après plusieurs ateliers en français, cet atelier se déroulera en Anglais. D’autres ateliers en français suivront.
We are pleased to announce that Tamara Singh will be hosting a workshop at SEYMOUR+ on Saturday April 9, 2016 from 10-11:30.
Horticultural Therapist, fibre Arts practitioner, floral installation designer and retired anthropology academic, Tamara comes to us from the NYU Langone Rusk Rehabilitation Center where she worked as a Horticultural Therapist in a clinical setting offering rehabilitation to a neuro-diverse population. Tamara is the founder of Nature the Arts Within – Explorative Nature based workshops that help you disconnect from the grid and reengage perceptual awareness. For more info: hortustherapy.com
Horticultural therapy, like Art Therapy, uses a mediated approach to support growth and self-actualisation. It is the meaningful, versatile and creative use of plants, plant related activities and gardens or gardening to promote well-being.
In this workshop, Tamara will revisit the 5 SEYMOUR+ environments from her unique perspective, offering you an opportunity to reclaim your vitality and your self-presence. This interactive workshop will invite you to engage your senses and bring you back to bodily sensation. You will be invited to investigate sensory perception as a resource for accessing and exploring mind-body communication.
Please come prepared to get barefooted if you so choose and silly, if you are so inspired.
Avoid all strong scents and perfumes.

* Cet atelier animé par Tamara Singh, praticienne en Hortitherapie, Arts et Design végétale se veut l’occasion de (re)découvrir SEYMOUR+ à travers un parcours sensoriel centré sur vos perceptions et votre écologie corporelle. La pleine conscience des sens peut nourrir le souci de soi. En explorant les champs champêtres du “jeu”, nous allons à la rencontre du “je”. L’atelier se déroulera en Anglais.