Dream Baby Dream
A Lucid Dreaming Workshop
Wednesday March 29th 2017

7:30pm – 9:30pm



41 Bd de Magenta

75010 Paris


Price: FREE
Participation to this workshop is free, but we ask that you please bring a 7€ donation to give Tree in exchange for the materials that she will be providing you with. (Dream Kit, etc)

To register, please send an email to:
This workshop can accommodate a maximum of 20 participants.

+ Merci de noter: Cet atelier se déroulera en Anglais. D’autres ateliers en français suivront.
ps: Cela dit, Melissa sera la pour traduire certaines choses si besoin.

We are pleased to announce that Tree Carr will be hosting a workshop at SEYMOUR+ on Wednesday the 29th of March, 2017 from 7:30pm-9:30pm.

Tree Carr is a London-based filmmaker, musician and Lucid Dreamer.  As a director, her short film ‘Into The Blue’ won audience choice award at The London Underground Film Festival 2012. As a musician, she has worked with a variety of London based artists including Douglas Hart of The Jesus and Mary Chain, Adam Ant and Christian Marclay.

Tree has been journaling her lucid dreams, sleep paralysis and out of body experiences for over 20 years. An avid Lucid Dreamer she looks to her dreams for creative inspiration, self exploration, healing and the personal expansion of greater consciousness.

We are so thrilled to offer you this fascinating evening with Tree during which you will hear more about her experiences and also learn how to better explore your own dreams. This workshop will cover:  Creating a personalized Dream Practice, Dream Journaling, Dream Categories, Lucid Dream Techniques and Information about Dream Herbs & Teas.

You will depart with Tree’s Dream Kit that includes: A Dream Journal, pen & tote bag.

Join us for this fascinating evening that will teach you how to better utilize this mysterious, liminal state of dreaming that you inhabit for one-third of your life.


+ note: If you can, please begin taking note of your dreams for at least a week before the workshop.