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+ the SEYMOUR+ space project has ended its 3 year cycle at 41 Boulevard de Magenta in Paris, France. Below you will find its original description at that location:
The SEYMOUR+ space is a technology-free zone. It is your haven, your parenthesis, your decompression chamber.

Consider SEYMOUR+ a spa for your mind where you can disconnect in order to reconnect with yourself.
It is your place to go when you need a respite from the external distractions and outside influences that hinder your ability to access your own thoughts, imagination and intuition.

No computers, cell phones, books or magazines are allowed in the space. Upon entering we ask that you place them in the lockers provided before embarking on the exploration and use of the space.

The 230m2 loft-style space stretches over two levels and offers you 5 original environments conceived by Melissa Unger and based on her research and experience. In each environment you will find a pencil and paper and a suggestion on how to engage with it.  
1| Selfie Booth
Encourages self-reflection, grounding and centering

2| Projection Room
Encourages the release of stress and tension and calms the mind
3| Wish You Were Here
Encourages the communication of thoughts and emotions

4| Surf Your Mind Lounge
Encourages subconscious exploration, brainstorming, fresh ideas
5| The Secret Garden
Encourages contemplation, noticing and listening
We suggest first time visitors explore each environment in order. After this initial discovery visit, repeat visitors typically use the space daily or weekly, engaging with the environments in a more targeted manner depending on their personal needs. SEYMOUR+ is also available outside of public hours to welcome groups; for more info, click HERE.
SEYMOUR+ is a space for everyone. It offers a framework for exploration, but how you approach it is up to you. Some people come for a playful experience, others to do some deeper pondering about their thoughts, feelings, lives and goals, others use it to connect with their imagination and intuition and ignite their creativity on a variety of projects. Sometimes the experience triggers something completely unexpected, that unknown element will be the most marvelous and mysterious aspect of your visit.
The benefits of a visit to the space are many and will follow you back into your daily life. The process will help you to gain confidence in yourself, to trust your instincts, to communicate better and reduce stress and anxiety. Even just one 1/2 hour spent exploring & expressing your inner landscape will make your day better. We promise. 
We offer this practice as a way to externalize inner experience and bring your subconscious thoughts to consciousness. Connecting with yourself at this primal point is a conduit to the most authentic you. To us ‘creativity’ is just another way of saying uninhibited self-expression.
After your visit to SEYMOUR+ we hope that you will see that it is as important to nurture your consciousness and your mental health as it is to nurture your body and physical health.
Surf your mind at least as often as you surf the Internet.
The SEYMOUR+ space is Seymour Projects’ largest project to date.